What Childhood Taught Me


I woke up from my dreams, scared and ready to cry
Remembering that nightmare that makes me question why
That dreadful day I lost me and my inner self,
And from an innocent girl, I became a woman who understood the world.

I am scared to walk that memory lane,
Putting it into words still makes my heart ache.
I came back from school dancing all the way,
Finished my lunch and left for my tabla classes of the day.

My teachers appreciated and pat my back,
She was really proud of me and I wanted to tell that to my mom.
I left my classes by 7 in the evening,
Late and dark, the street lights on my way were missing.

green tree tunnel at daytime

My mom had asked so I bought bread from the shop,
And all excited and cheerful started my evening walk
I slowly and steadily began to climb the mountain stairs
And before I knew someone called me with silent stares.

I turned around to smile at the person,
And before I could understand he hugged me very fearsome.
Neither did I resist nor did I cry,
Because as a kid I didn’t know why someone would try.

To hug me so hard and crush my butt
He tried to give me painful bruises and cuts.
I squeezed the bread in my hand so tight,
That from rectangular it became a sand hour sight.
One hand on my chest, other squeezing my hip,
Through his chest, my hands were gripped.

I knew nothing and my mind was blank,
but he knew what he wanted as he just didn’t stop.
he tried to touch me in places where it pained,
and for the next 5 minutes, he continued his trail.

From my chest to down below he brushed his hands over me,
and before I knew my hands too touched somewhere inappropriately.
I finally saw a man walk somewhere on top of the stairs,
and I shouted my lung out for him to hear.

But he continued to walk like he didn’t care,
and without even turning once he left me with the monstrous bear.
He slowly released me from his dreadful clutches,
and I threw the packet of bread at him and came back to my senses.

Without once turning to look at him,
I ran to my home away from the sin.
I reached home breathless and in tears,
as I had just discovered how bad were these worldly affairs.

Since then I have been scared of hugs and stares,
I don’t know why but I can never forget such nightmares
It made me know what I have to be careful about,
and later in life, I realize this is the story of every girl who has gone out.

‘A woman is unstoppable once she realizes she deserves better’

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