The Junky Reward System

The pandemic has changed each one of us. While some have undergone a positive change, others are lonely that has impacted their mental health. I for one have actually embraced a lifestyle that I wanted to live for quite some time but always had some excuse for it. Sometimes work was a hindrance, other times it was the place that did not inspire me, however, the truth was simple. I was lazy.

The Pandemic Change

The offices were shut in March 2020 and while i was staying alone in Delhi, one of my cousins sent me a program where cult fit was organizing a program where Moni Roy the actress was teaching dance fitness. Finally, there was something that got me excited. I am really fond of dancing and anything and everything can make me dance.

I decided to join this program and had a lot of fun. This is was the start of a positive change that I adopted during the pandemic, Fitness. I have tried everything earlier running, 7 min exercise, 10 min exercise, yoga, and whatnot, but somehow it didn’t really connect with me.

Dance fitness was an exercise regime that connected with me, it was never an effort to wake up and dance for 40 mins. Now it has been over 1.5 years since I have been a loyal customer of cult fit and have tried my hands on everything: I do HIIT, Equipment exercise, yoga, dance. The trainers are amazing and for someone who wants to start their fitness regime let me help you.

Dance: Naveen, Arun

HIIT: Rohit

Special programs: Tone up With Kunal, Belly Burn by Shweta Shetty

I also ensure that I take 10000 steps each day.

So yes, the fitness program is going well, but there still seems to remain a grey area, where I am really struggling.

The One Struggle

The struggle is Sugar.

I have a sweet tooth, while earlier I was really proud of telling people I love sweets, it now seems to be something that I taking up a lot of calories and leaving me empty from within. After you have burnt 1200 calories a day through your hard work, a pastry is the last thing you want to eat. I went through a lot of articles, theories, and ways by top-notch nutritionists on how to stop your set cravings, but it didn’t work.

So it was time to apply my personal way to it and last Sunday I sat down to wonder why I had sweet cravings and why I could not get over it. It was important that I trace my love for sweets back to my childhood.

Rendevous with the past

As a child, I was among the above-average kid and every time I got good marks or won an award or somebody came to our house, a sweet was something that came organically. I think it is not just my house, but Indian households who are very used to taking sweets and chocolates to people’s houses whenever they visit them.

This was also the start of my sweetness journey. What I learned through this rendevous with my past wast:

Chocolate or any sort of junk for me was not something you ate, it was a reward that you got when you worked hard.

My mind in order to feel happy always needs sweet as it feels that it did not put the right effort.

The same thing was continuing today as well, as a beginner my body was working really hard to burn those extra calories as for the past 28 years I had trained it to just eat and get fat. If someone asked me why I was fat, like everyone I said ‘ even the air makes me fat’.

Now that it was working hard, it needed to feel good and get validated through a sweet.

Getting to the reality: The Reward System

This entire process of rewarding kids with some unhealthy snack is what I like to call the Junky Reward System which we all have. This same system later is questioned and kids are questioned about their eating habits, weird and ironic.

Let us now check the reality:

One Gulab Jamun is like a normal thing for us, but when you look in terms of calorie

1 Gulab Jamun = 1 Roti + Paneer Sabzi (1 Katori)

1 Maggi =

So you can either choose to have dinner or just be satiated with your sweet craving, it is always our choice.

Though i do not mean to ridicule sweet things, all I believe is that it is important that right from the start we are informed about the important things in life:

  1. Food Habits: What food is healthy, calories in each food item.
  2. Happiness: That marks, money will never buy you happiness, being your true self will.
  3. Competition: Do not believe in competition, instead give your 100% at what you do
  4. The reality: Not everything you see is the reality, there are deeper meaning to things.
  5. Freedom: True freedom is having the choice to make your own life decisions, and not just growing up.

Reward System

The reward system has become a common practice everywhere. In offices, organizations, bureaucracy, and even households. The reward system though has been thought of as a very effective technique by various philosophers it does not always fair to great results.

Reward management is founded on a well-articulated philosophy — a collection of beliefs and guiding concepts that are aligned with the organization’s values and aid in their implementation. These include convictions about the importance of achieving fairness, equity, consistency, and transparency in the incentive system’s operation.

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