The Heart and the Bottle: A Tale of Hidden Emotions

heart and the bottle

If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales

Albert Einstein

Though a kid’s book, the heart, and the bottle is an amazing book that draws strong with individuals of each age. Though a simple story, the book has been crafted into beauty through simple illustrations that bring life to the story. Each illustration has a different spirit and life that connects to the reader at a profound level.

The Curious Little Girl

In this amazing book, Oliver Jeffers takes us through the journey of a little girl who like any other kid is very curious and inquisitive about life. Her father fuels her imagination by reading her fascinating books about the stars, the sea, and the world.

the heart and the bottle

One day the girl finds herself alone next to an empty chair, which is a metaphor that the father is gone. Jeffers unlocks this emotion through a beautiful illustration, an interplay between darkness and light.

Grief is a disheartening and soul-crushing experience for adults, and a child is not prepared to handle such harsh realities.

I can accept the thought of my own demise but I am unable to accept the death of someone else.

Maya Alcoleo

Unable to handle to pain and not prepared to face the future, the girl decided to put her heart in a bottle and hung it around her neck.

the heart and the bottle

Bottled Heart

What the girl does not realize is, locking her heart, not only took away her emotions, but also her capacity to love and stay alive. Through her heartfelt heavy from all the bottled-up emotions, she had lost her extraordinary self.

The girl was now a grown woman and one day while walking on the beach with her heart, she met a little girl, who was still curious about the world. She could see her younger self in the girl, the same happy living and joyful curiosity, It is then she realizes what she had lost in life, by bottling up her emotions.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart

Helen Keller

Life Again

She goes back trying to open the bottle and setting her heart free. However, the years of protection had toughened the bottle. No matter how hard she tried nothing worked, and one day the bottle rolled down to the sea into the hands of a curious little kid.

the heart and the bottle

The little girl through her innocence and novelty opened the bottle and put her heart back.

the heart and the bottle

The bottle couldn’t be broken.
It just bounced and bounced … right down to the sea.

But there, it occurred to someone smaller and still curious about the world that she might know away.

It is after this that the girl looks at the world with beauty in her eyes, and sits on the empty chair, and recreates the lost world that she enjoyed with her father.

heart and the bottle

The heart was put back where it came from. And the chair wasn’t so empty anymore.


A simple story, The heart and the bottle conveys a deep-seated essence of how important it is to experience each emotion and not bottle them up. Human life is full of all kinds of feelings, and to experience life at its full potential, it is necessary to get a taste of the human spirit.