The Boy whose Head was filled with Stars

the boy whose head was filled with stars

We all have dreams, but how many of us really work towards making those dreams into reality. Since we were kids we have been told about how dreams can come true, but only if they comply with societal norms. Every dream is a given time period and an age limit to by when you can achieve your dreams. Let us read about the boy whose head was filled with stars.

Once you cross 30, you are made to believe that it is too late to dream, and one must continue with the work that they are doing. How true is that?

On some days, his fingers and toes grew numb and tears froze his eyelashes to the telescope’s eyepiece. But nothing could lure him back inside

The Boy with Dreams

In 1908, when various astronomers were studying the luminous of the stars and analysing the celestial bodies, a little boy was fulfilling his father’s wish of living a respectable life, by pursuing his legal studies. The boy whose head was filled with stars was going through large heavy books on legality and wondering if his stars could too align with his destiny someday.

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After his father’s death, he surmounted various hurdles to finally reshape his passion for stars into a formal education in astronomy.

After completing a degree he took up his first job a position at Mount Wilson Observatory — home to the largest telescope in the world.

During the world war, he relied on Leavitt’s data to triumph over the millennia-old cosmic mindset, showing two revolutionary facts about the universe:

a. That it is vastly larger than we previously believed.
b. That it is expanding at an exponential rate.

This little boy was none other than Edwin Hubble who through his curiosity found peace in the vastness of the mystery surrounding us.

We do now know why we are born into the world, but we can try to find out what sort of world it is.

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The story

The story begins with Edwin’s eighth Birthday, where his grandfather gives him a telescope, which ignited his passion for astronomy.

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That night, all Edwin wanted was to stay outside, looking up at the stars. Not even a birthday cake could lure him back inside.

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Night after night through his colossal instrument he watched the Andromeda Nebula, then believed to be a swirl of gas and dust within our own galaxy.

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Hubble discovers newly unknown stars in Andromeda and, using Leavitt’s method for calculating their distance, learns that they are much, much farther away than previously thought — so far away that they can’t possibly be within the Milky Way. That implied there were other galaxies in the universe than our own.

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The story continues with the elegant introduction to Hubble’s Law and its humbling implications about the universe and our place in it.


A beautiful book by the Author Isabelle Marinov and artist Deborah Marcero, it is an Inspiring Illustrated Story of How Edwin Hubble Revolutionized Our Understanding of the Universe. It inspires you t stay persistent and work towards the change you want to see in the world.

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