Spice of the Delhi Metro

A question keeps knocking my head, Have you ever traveled in Delhi metro, my friend? It’s an experience of a lifetime, As here all varieties of humans you will find.

The first coach is reserved for the ladies, Where you find fancy women and some little babies. The women all stuck on their phones, And some handful shouting on the shores.

The little tiny ones have a world of their own, Some crying out loud some dancing on the poles.

What will catch your attention at once, Will be the men on the next coach looking transfixed at everyone. On the coach junction, you have couples too, Who are just having fun while they are stuck like glue.

And then, of course, the gossip mongers, Who are busy whispering to their neighboring partner.

As we move further behind, You find the lovely Romeo’ squad standing at the sides. Who only stare at passing women and girls, And wish in their hearts if they could have one.

Then we have the serious office crowd, The immense work makes them slightly cowed. Wishing their boss could die very soon, So that they didn’t have to work on Sunday noon’s.

The metro doesn’t end with some drunk men, Dancing while they stand, they spread the whiskey smell. And finally, we have people like me, Who observe and start writing instantly.

So that is how our metro operates, With a mix of people from all our states. It’s a pleasure to watch everyone around, And before you know your destination name is announced.

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