One Hundred years of solitude: Brief

heard of a book a long time back

but was not sure of picking it up from the rack.

In 2018 I thought of giving it a try.

and started my 100 years of a journey through happiness and sigh.

The story begins in a land far away,

where Jose and Ursula lived in their happy homestay.

After a cockfight, the guy kills a friend,

and leave the city into his new den.

He established a new city, Macondo from scratch,

and for generations lived there in the low-high match.

The gypsies introduced them to what was new,

and through them, they eventually grew.

But suddenly the city life began to turn,

due to war and the banana company, the city began to burn.

The Buendia family for generations just went on,

with wife’s and mistresses, their family was born.

What is amazing is the similarity in name and nature of men,

through 7 generations the family lived in that glen.

Book cover

The 100 years of the story takes you to a ride full of surprises,

and amidst all this, the family is reduced to just two survivors.

who too die a tragic death,

which was already predicted at the time of Seth (past). To know more about the book and look at my Kindle notes and highlights please visit Goodreads.