Ode to the Rat Race

rat race

The COVID 19 change the course of businesses, the rat race, and their working environment. From a regular 9 to 5 jobs office job, work from home became the new setup.

Like it or not, the way we work has already evolved.

By Ed Zitron

The work from setup had a lot of benefits like:
Lesser Infrastructural Cost
Freedom of Hiring the best talent Globally
Productivity Gains as employees get geographical flexibility

However, there are also concerns about communication through different time zones, protecting client data, digital interactions, and many more. Let us see what the work from anywhere future holds for each one of us.

work from home

Though the lifestyle is coming back to normal, I am one of the supporters of work from home culture. So this is my small Ode to the lifestyle we lived earlier.

The Journey to the Rat Race

I step down from the cab towards my dream,

And there are hundreds like me flowing the same stream.

Some smarter some cooler than me,

But I maintained my grace and walked all confidently.

The lift finally opened at my face

And all I saw were men and women busy in life’s maze

This isn’t the future I am looking for,

I thought to myself but still went on in this race


I reached my floor with a huge board ahead,

People crowding around the table, the COMPANY NAME in bold it read.

After the formalities were done we sat on the couch,

Me smiling and everyone looking at me with an astonishing shroud.

Their eyes were fixated on the floor,

And I thought to my self this is the beginning of a poem in store.

I walked in and talked to this neighboring guy,

But somehow he wasn’t interested and gave me an angry sigh.


The cafeteria here is what caught my eye,

With an environment all soft the people here were my style.

All happy and smiling enjoying life as it came,

As that my friend is how you have fun and remain forever the same.

So I am sitting right here with a coffee in hand,

The only friend that never disappoints me no matter where I am.

Waiting for my turn to come real soon,

So that I get to show how awesome I am to everyone in the room.


Hoping I join this rat race of being the best,

But unlike others, I don’t want to be a pawn in this game of chess.

But I wish to be the king and ice and snow I will fend,

And when I die the game wouldn’t end

Taking each step with utmost care and thought,

I like to do something that makes my brain all sort.

Life is a journey with both failure and success,

Just a little bounce on the way shouldn’t create an unrest.

Cause then you dig a hole for yourself,

And instead of rejoicing , this life for you becomes a mess.


While we are preparing to get back to this rat race of waking up early, getting ready, traveling hours to the office, and repeating the same routine every day. It is important to always remember the past year which helped us explore our true selves, spend time with family and friends, revisited our old lost hobbies. Never get lost in the race again, and always remember the ‘Man in the Mirror’.