Life Goes on…

brain cuddle

How many times have you heard the people around you say…

What do you want in your life?
What is your plan?
Where do you want to be in the next 5 years?

I frankly have heard it multiple times. From my parents, elders, friends, and from office people too.

While in my early 20s these things made me think and I always wondered if everybody, but I was aware of what they wanted in the future. Am I the black sheep of the family, who is just going with the flow without thinking twice about whether it is what I want or just something I have been handed over?

Then reality struck me.

Learning from the best

I read a lot of books, articles, and research by famous people to understand when they made a plan. To my surprise, I got to know that half of them were confused like me. They just switched from one thing to the other.

While Warren Buffet opened his company in the 30s, the KFC owner became famous in his 70s. The Harry Potter writer J.K. Rowling got rejected multiple times after finally earning a fortune with her first book in her 30s.

It came to me as a shock that people who are really doing well in life find their way to their dreams, while mediocrity is something that we are all born with.

Breaking out of the mundane

As we all know life goes on and at every turn, it offers you multiple opportunities to change the course of your life. As these offers are never a bed of roses, most of us decide to avoid them and stay put in our mediocrity. With this comes the attitude toward settling down.

Only if one is brave enough to break from the mundane can he/she attain excellence in its true form.

I am not writing this article, because I have the answers to the above questions, but because this is for me to stand still for a moment and reflet into how I too need to break from the mundane to develop something of my own that will not just give me life, but a purpose to live.